What might yoga sessions might include:

Mostly Asana

Asana refers to the various positions, poses or postures that yoga practitioners move into. Some might be held some might be flowing. People are encouraged to move with the breath - though beginners are just encouraged to keep breathing!

When asanas become familiar and can be held with ease, the body becomes strong and supple, allowing for the free flow of energy or ‘prana’ within.

The asana not only affect the body, but also have a positive effect on the mind, helping the mind to focus and concentrate, thereby making the mind ready for Pranayama and Meditation.

Some Pranayama

Some classes include a dedicated time for pranayama. ‘Pranayama’ can be translated as ‘breath or energy extension’.

There are many different types of breathing that have different effects. When I was learning Yoga Therapy, I was amazed to see the power of the breath. It can be calming or energising and help with pain relief.

Pranayama also helps to focus the mind.

I include a few minutes at the start of class for breathing, often just observing the breath, sometimes a calming breath (cocoa breath) or equal breathing (water) and occasionally energising (coffee breath).

Definitely Relaxation

Learning to relax is important, not just the relaxation at the end but at the beginning too. Exercise is more effective when people are relaxed so beginning with a body scan, breath or slow moves is a lovely way to begin a class.

We do not always give ourselves time to truly relax, we are too busy and may not even know how to really, totally relax. Learning to relax releases tension and stress and brings great peace of mind.

Sometimes Meditation – sometimes sneakily included in relaxation

Meditation is the ability to be able to focus the mind without any distractions; it is the act of being in the present moment, not lost in the thoughts of the past or worry about the future. We can free ourselves from our Monkey Mind using a variety of techniques and connect to our true selves.

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