Somatics is simple, safe and effective and you can:

  • Regain voluntary control of habitually tight muscles

  • Relieve chronic tension and pain.

  • Improve mobility & flexibility

  • Improved posture and appearance

  • Improved function eg running, dancing or everyday activities such as walking

  • Can improve breathing and energy levels

All ages, all abilities for the regular Somatics class you do need to be able to get down, and up from the floor. Seated Somatics coming soon or join the chair-based Yoga with Somatics class. You don’t have to get up for the standing section.

Somatics – what it can do for you!

Ever been told - It is wear and tear or it’s your age

Well maybe it’s not. Thomas Hanna who developed Somatics wrote about the myth of aging! The idea that once we get past 40 everything stiffens up and aches if we ‘overdo it’. Well maybe it is how we do it that’s the problem.

It is our habits that cause the issues, not age, we have more issues as we get older because we have had longer to develop bad habits.

‘Somatic education’ is a movement practice, that improves awareness of the body, leading to more efficient and pain free movement. Somatic movement works by training the nervous system to be able to feel and sense the body, which in turn enhances the ability of the nervous system to improve functional movement.

Where does it come from and how does it work?

Thomas Hanna studied both the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais. Both use small somatic movements that bring the body back to balance. Hanna took this further.

A neurologist, he understood brain plasticity, the connections between our brain, central nervous system and our muscle function. How movements become ingrained – unhelpful habits. Holding chronic tension without even realising it we are doing so. He called this Sensory Motor Amnesia and SMA can show up as chronic pain, limited movement, poor posture (eg rounded shoulders) and misalignments (eg leg length discrepancy).

Somatics helps you identify areas of holding and release them – giving you freedom from chronic pain and freedom of movement.

For example, our shoulders often forget to release, try the following (somatics is safe, but if you have any health issues consult your doctor). It demonstrates a pandiculation beautifully, contraction, slow release, rest.

Hanna also identified three holding patterns or reflexes red, green and trauma.

RED LIGHT REFLEX happens when we tighten the front of our bodies – the startle reflex, when we pull in to protect ourselves. Feelings that contribute can include anxiety, depression or grief. It can also be caused by our lifestyles: hours working at a desk in a car or even slumped on the sofa!

Issues arising can include shoulder and neck pain, low energy, knee pain and digestive issues.

GREEN LIGHT REFLEX is our go go go reflex. The back tightens ready for action – someone who gets stuck in this reflex may have an awful lot going on in their lives. Sounds familiar?

Issues arising can include back pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck pain and tension headaches.

TRAUMA OR IMBALANCE FROM SIDE TO SIDE can be caused injury, or repetitive movements, such as tennis, golf, even playing a musical or even by habitually placing the weight on one leg when standing.

Issues arising can include neck and shoulder pain, again. One sided issues, such as knee or hip pain to one side. SI joint pain. Even functional leg length discrepancy.

Somatics helps you identify areas of holding and release them, improving function and giving you freedom from chronic pain and freedom of movement.

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