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My name is Elaine Tague and I live in Hull, East Yorkshire. I teach local classes and privately locally and online: groups and 1:1.

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and an Essential Somatic Movement Teacher. I am Yoga Therapist registered with CNCH.

I love teaching yoga and over the years it has helped my back issues. It is great for the body and for breath and for calming the mind. Relaxation is an essential part of yoga.

Then I discovered Somatics! The neck and shoulder issues I eased with yoga - gone. I thought I had worn out my hip 'overdoing' the stretching - now the pain has gone.

Read the About Somatics Section to know how it helps or join a taster to feel it for yourself. But in short, it is not an exercise class, Somatics re-educates the brain. It helps us to undo unhelpful habits and release chronic tension we are holding, which in turn releases the chronic pain.

It may be a lifetime of bad habits or sport or computer work that has led to your issue, be it sciatica, low back pain, shoulder issues, even digestive issues Somatics can help with these issues and much more

My yoga is now Somatic. "I can't believe such small movements can make such a difference" and "Oh, I can walk better" are a couple of the comments I have received. Read more in the Yoga and Somatics sections.

Both yoga and somatic classes are mindful and therapeutic. For Somatics you do need to be able to get down and up from the floor.

Somatics Sessions at Timebank in Hull. These sessions are free for Timebank Members and only £4 for non-members.

Yesterday (28th June) I ran a Seated Somatic session at the first day of the Wellbeing Festival at the community centre in Marfleet, and I have had a request for more. So watch this space or follow me on facebook. Gentle Yoga and Somatics.

  • 200 hour Yoga Teaching - Yoga Alliance

  • 550 Yoga Therapy with Yoga Campus

  • Registered with CNCH

  • Yoga4Health Teacher

  • 50 Yoga for Arthritis

  • Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher

Gentle Yoga and Somatics

Balance, Strengthen, and Relieve Pain

Relieve chronic pain, balance your body, and find relaxation with Gentle Yoga and Somatics

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